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An EECS professor, graduate student and recent alumnus have been named to 2018 list of “35 Innovators Under 35.”

Three Berkeley engineers named as top young innovators

6/29/2018, by Julianna Fleming A Berkeley professor, graduate student and recent alumnus — all affiliated with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences — have been named to MIT Technology Review’s 2018 list of “35 Innovators Under 35.” Assistant professor Alessandro Chiesa, Ph.D. student Chelsea Finn and 2016 Ph.D. John Schulman were selected for the prestigious honor, which recognizes exceptional young innovators whose...

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Alice Agogino wins top U.S. award for mentoring

Alice Agogino wins top U.S. award for mentoring

6/27/2018, by Julianna Fleming Mechanical engineering professor Alice Agogino has been named winner of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring, the government’s highest honor for mentors in STEM fields.

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'Electronic origami' makes switches with cheap, foldable paper

6/18/2018, by Wallace Ravven Berkeley engineers have developed a new way to fabricate working electronics onto plain paper, opening the doors to new sensors, supercapacitors and other electronic devices that are cheap and foldable.

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6/29/2018 - An EECS professor, graduate student and recent alumnus have been named to MIT Technology Review’s 2018 list of “35 Innovators Under 35.”

6/28/2018 New York Times - "There are going to be large changes coming" in the calculation of risk faced by by tall buildings during a major West Coast earthquake, adjunct civil and environmental engineering professor Norman Abrahamson told a conference of earthquake engineers in Los Angeles.

6/28/2018 - Eugene E. Haller, professor emeritus of materials science and engineering, founder of Berkeley Lab's Electronic Materials Program and a pioneer in the field of ultrapure materials, died June 22.

6/26/2018 - Scientists have used a CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technique developed by Berkeley bioengineer Niren Murthy to lessen some autism symptoms in mice with a form of fragile X syndrome, the most common known single-gene cause of autism spectrum disorder.

150 years of innovation

As Berkeley Engineering celebrates a century and a half of making our mark on history, we're highlighting people with the pioneering spirit, creative energy and social responsibility that characterize the college.

Clarence Cory

Our utilitarian intuitions push us toward feeling that everyone's interests should count equally, that we shouldn't give favoritism to some just because they're more mighty or wealthy. On the other hand, these equality intuitions face problems of their own: How do we weigh different brain sizes and types? How do we even count brains? Presumably Chinese citizens and a whole China brain both count? How much each? Where do we draw the boundaries of these minds? How do we compare the strengths of conflicting preferences for two different minds? This becomes very complicated, and one might be tempted to throw up one's hands and say that this equality business is just too hard and arbitrary. The only thing that's not arbitrary is the outcome of bargaining given the universe's chosen initial endowments. Should we just accept that? My intuition says no, because, for instance, it leaves vast numbers of powerless animals and future generations in the dust except insofar as certain powerful humans happen to care about them.

When we encounter moral disagreement, one intuitive response is to say, "Ok, you care about X, I care about Y, so let's adopt a compromise morality of (X+Y)/2." We can then keep doing this across enough people and get basically a preference utilitarianism that resolves moral disagreement. However, the problem is, Over what set of individuals do we aggregate these preferences? Do we include animals? China brains? And with what weights? Including these other agents seems more fair in an equality sense, but if we do so, other powerful people tend to object and say that we're inflating the weight of our utilitarian morality vis-a-vis their non-utilitarian morality by including these extra preferences in the calculations. They might push for something closer to efficiency based on status-quo endowments of power.

One example where this comes up is with debates over nature preservation. I claim that reducing primary productivity is probably net good for wild animals in the long run. (This ignores potentially detrimental effects on global stability. Therefore, I'd recommend curbing ecosystems in ways that have low negative or even positive impacts on international cooperation and peace in the long run.) Others claim that the intrinsic value of nature outweighs the pain of individual animals. Just considering these two viewpoints, one might try to adopt a stance somewhere in the middle. However, when we also consider the preferences of all the animals who actually have to be eaten alive in the wild on equal footing with the (weak) personal preferences of the conservationists, the balance would shift to a stance of opposing wilderness so strongly that the pro-wilderness views would be negligible in the calculation. But the pro-wilderness people don't like this; they may object that this framework of dispute resolution is somehow unfairly biased in my favor. Or maybe they would assert that nature itself has some sort of preference not to be perturbed, and this preference is strong enough to outweigh quintillions of suffering animals.

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Brits are sick and tired of Brexit

Companies with tens of thousands of British workers have spelled out the potential damage to their business, turning up the heat on the UK government as it struggles to agree a plan for trade with the European Union.

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The latest siren comes from Jaguar Land Rover, which said Thursday that a bad deal would jeopardize £80 billion ($106 billion) in planned investment and slash its profits by £1.2 billion ($1.6 billion) a year.

BMW ( BMWYY ) and Airbus ( EADSF ) have also issued warnings in recent days. But Jaguar Land Rover, the UK's biggest carmaker with 40,000 employees, is the first major company to put a specific figure on the potential hit to profits of new trade barriers with the European Union.

Businesses and industry groups have long complained about uncertainty over the government's plans, but their interventions have grown more insistent as the Brexit clock ticks down and Prime Minister Theresa May brings her divided cabinet together for a vital meeting.

We can read events from a file (or extract them from the trigger channel) and pass them as a parameter when calling the method. The events are plotted as vertical lines so you can see how they align with the raw data.

We can also pass a corresponding “event_id” to transform the event trigger integers to strings.

We can check where the channels reside with plot_sensors . Notice that this method (along with many other MNE plotting functions) is callable using any MNE data container where the channel information is available.

We used ch_groups='position' to color code the different regions. It uses the same algorithm for dividing the regions as order='position' of Looking For Sale Online Outlet Footlocker Mens Avengers Assemble Captain America Simple Symbol Short Sleeve TShirt MARVEL Buy Cheap Top Quality Free Shipping Perfect Visit New Sale Online 2VJNwrT
. You can also pass a list of picks to color any channel group with different colors.

Now let’s add some ssp projectors to the raw data. Here we read them from a file and plot them.

The first three projectors that we see are the SSP vectors from empty room measurements to compensate for the noise. The fourth one is the average EEG reference. These are already applied to the data and can no longer be removed. The next six are the EOG projections that we added. Every data channel type has two projection vectors each. Let’s try the raw browser again.

Now click the proj button at the lower right corner of the browser window. A selection dialog should appear, where you can toggle the projectors on and off. Notice that the first four are already applied to the data and toggling them does not change the data. However the newly added projectors modify the data to get rid of the EOG artifacts. Note that toggling the projectors here doesn’t actually modify the data. This is purely for visually inspecting the effect. See to actually remove the projectors.

Raw container also lets us easily plot the power spectra over the raw data. Here we plot the data using spatial_colors to map the line colors to channel locations (default in versions >= 0.15.0). Other option is to use the average (default in < 0.15.0). See the API documentation for more info.

Plotting channel-wise power spectra is just as easy. The layout is inferred from the data by default when plotting topo plots. This works for most data, but it is also possible to define the layouts by hand. Here we select a layout with only magnetometer channels and plot it. Then we plot the channel wise spectra of first 30 seconds of the data.

Total running time of the script: ( 0 minutes 18.718 seconds)

Total running time of the script:

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